Not showing friends online?

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2022.01.17 16:50 DixonButts777 Not showing friends online?

Trying to play with my friend, neither of us can see each other online. I tried restarting my games, turning on and off cross play, etc. still can’t see each other and now it shows me not part of my clan/group and changed my calling card without me doing so. Confused, any help?
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2022.01.17 16:50 HardKora Feeling like myself again ☺️ [Over 18]

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2022.01.17 16:50 biorogue AlphaAxoGaming AlphaAxoGaming

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2022.01.17 16:50 Critical-File7113 HQ stem link?

There used to be this link awhile ago and i cant find it
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2022.01.17 16:50 Boti14 Gaming on virtual machine.

So I am not familiar with virtualmachines at all. I have vmware workstation 16 with a virtual machine with version 1903. My computer is a windows machine with version 2004. I want to play games on the virtual computer, but it doesn't recognize my graphics card. Could you help me with setting up the graphics card to work on the virtual pc? My specs are: I7-7700k 48 GB Ram RTX 2070 Super
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2022.01.17 16:50 No-Breakfast310 You Gunna Win

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2022.01.17 16:50 BroMandi [Best Buy] Hisense - 75" Class U6G Series Quantum ULED 4K UHD Smart Android TV Model:75U6G. -. $899.99 [Deal Price: $899.99]

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2022.01.17 16:50 Impressive-Carpet972 CNA contract?

I’m an agency cna and I am in talks for a contract with a VA snf and ltc near where I live. I’ve worked there before and love it, so I’m looking forward to this.
For some context, I make a base pay of 16.50 an hour and the shifts that I picked up were NOCS 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, weekend, and I had a bonus of about $250 each (not typical they were extremely short staffed)
Specifically what I’m looking for in my hours to contract is weekend NOCs Friday through Sunday with Sunday being a shorter shift of 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm for six to eight weeks. What should I ask for?
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2022.01.17 16:50 iPorkChop The Significance of Shinjin, Pt. 1

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2022.01.17 16:50 Accurate-Tip-367 Busco de esta vieja, tengo para cambiar

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2022.01.17 16:50 SisuVan Craziest & Most Creative Van Features, Go!

I get a child like energy & imagination when building out a van 😄 Planning some fun and creative features that I want to incorporate into my build, so far I'm planning on a pull up bar, hammock rings (inside and out), stand up desk, and possibly an exterior basketball hoop!
What's the craziest feature in your van?
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2022.01.17 16:50 JoeNoeDoe Mobb Deep - Right Back At You (feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Big Noyd) (1995)

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2022.01.17 16:50 breeyahn_1 new here: my macbook pro m1 has been incredibly laggy and slow after installing macos monteray ?

so i loved my m1 mac before this, super fast. but now it’s just the opposite. anyone else have issues? i’m debating talking to apple support see if they have any tips. is it possible to downgrade??
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2022.01.17 16:50 someone_678 Sooooo um what racial slur did you get called today guys????? 🙃☺ I got called Wumao and Porki! 🥰

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2022.01.17 16:50 meggielue 12 weeks left to decide on a name

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby, a girl. My fiancé and I thought we had a name but I haven’t been 100% convinced yet and the closer her arrival gets the more I’m looking for other options.
Maybe this group can help. I surprised myself with how feminine the names that I like are, before I got pregnant I liked more unisex, nature names, and still do. But here’s my list, starting with our number 1 contender.
Caroline Vivienne Flora Guinevere Daisy Phoebe Elowen
For context here’s a few names I love but just not for this baby:
River Rowan Chandler Linden Rosemary
For middle names, a few I love: Faye June Maeve
Could anyone offer some other options? I know many of these names are very trendy right now and I really dislike the idea of that, they’re just simply names I happen to like. I feel like I’ve read every list and watched every video and my baby naming brain is fried.
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2022.01.17 16:50 Mr_Boy_ my finished wolverine drawing. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I hope you like it :)

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2022.01.17 16:50 LEGEND-IWNL- Searching For Astrophysics Research Opportunities

Firstly, I would like to apologize if this is not the correct subreddit to post this on - I've been trying to reach out for many years, and I am truly hoping to meet someone.
I am currently a high school senior with a strong passion in astrophysics.
Ever since I was young, I've always been interested in the skies above us, wanting to know more about the underlying science of the universe that we live in.
Being a rather rare field, however, I've neither had the chance to meet with other people who shared an interest in me nor an opportunity to personally research and study the topic.
Having dreamt about this for so long, I have decided to reach out for help, and I wanted to ask if there were any opportunities for me to assist in research in astrophysics.
I know that such positions are rare, especially for high schoolers, but I've been wanting to have hands-on experience in research for so long now.
If there are, please let me know regarding what I can do to contribute.
Thank you so much for your time and help.
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2022.01.17 16:50 ForeignFlash What's your favorite comfort food?

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2022.01.17 16:50 hellzdoms Sausage party

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2022.01.17 16:50 Bug_butz Why Cats Love to Sit in Boxes – Even Fake Ones, According to Science

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2022.01.17 16:50 Fun_Blacksmith7298 if bi with ideas for sext and stuff dm me i beg

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2022.01.17 16:50 Lilcutta LFP/PS4 looking for cdm/cm and defenders, div 4 atm Uk/eu servers

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2022.01.17 16:50 Welcome-Wide She’s so bad

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2022.01.17 16:50 mango7778 Madeline to Lana

Could Madeline be shortened to Lana?
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2022.01.17 16:50 Sallaboy I wish for my first born child to be a prodigy

Anything for success
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