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2022.01.17 16:19 Spiritual-Donut3241 New update

Dear worldbox, hope your new update will good, I wanna see religions, family trees, hybrid races, politics and economies. you have to put all this thing in to your game. A culture will be different if there a barrier like a mountain or a river or another country. As a unite feature, the unite feature will unite countries no matter the race. Give the race revolution. give the player the ability to change the country's laws. And turn in 64bits so we could see the world better
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2022.01.17 16:19 alper Atlantia wins €950m bid to acquire Siemens’ traffic lights division

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2022.01.17 16:19 neverloggedoff Thinking of moving all of my TD E-series investments into ETF(s) - what to choose?

I've got a good chunk of money in my TFSA and RRSP tied up in TD E-Series Mutual Funds. This investment strategy has treated me well the past couple of years, but I'm been considering taking all of that money and putting it into an ETF for lower fees in the long run and overall just less stress in thinking about the allocation.
I've been DCA'ing with monthly deposits which is why I've been sticking with the E-series funds (no fees!), but now that TD is offering 50 free trades a year, I'm considering reallocating everything to an ETF (or multiple ETFs).
My question is: which ETF would be best for my TFSA (looking to use that money in 5 years) and what would be better for my RRSP (saving for retirement 30+ years from now)? OR should I just keep doing what I'm doing with the E-series? I still buy individual stocks, but that's just my "fun money" whereas a hefty majority is kept in these E-series funds at the moment.
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2022.01.17 16:19 invitecodes2024 Announcement: Huobi Listed Astar Network

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2022.01.17 16:19 Illustrious-Sand-198 Did I get a good deal on the Pace 2?

Hi guys I bought a brand new Coros Pace 2 for 170 including tax and used a 2% cashback card to make it come out to 166.60 including tax! Is this a pretty good deal knowing the watch came out a year ago, or could I have found a better deal somewhere else? I tried looking online but don't see anything below 200 retail price really?
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2022.01.17 16:19 bigpapi123409 Xbox Current Gen Realistic CFM

Realistic Comp League
Off Season Year 1
Lots of teams open!!
Looking for experienced commishs to help run the league. Need y’all to help invite do devs and just make sure nothing gos crazy!!! Also looking for a trade committee!!!
Hello everyone this is a brand new CFM for madden 22. I just started this server and i am hoping to fill her soon. I’m looking for experience users to help run the league. I don’t have time to do everything I have a life just like everyone else. This league is trying to be realistic as possible. I know it’s a game but I’m tired off all the bullshit. There are rules for about everything. If you break a rule you will get an immediate suspension or kick from the league. I don’t want any cheesers in this league. If you get caught cheesing that will cause immediate removal. There are devs riods and many other perks. I made this league cause I was tired of all the bullshit cheese and no rules in other leagues. So please come and join the Game Changers Madden League and have a good time.
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2022.01.17 16:19 GiziraLeon take that (and don't send me to the school counselor (or maybe do (this may or may not be a cry for help)))

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2022.01.17 16:19 Itchy_Strain8565 Hello I am 19 and I was wondering how easy it would be for me to get a medical card in Missouri. Does anyone have any recommendations where I could go or what to say

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2022.01.17 16:19 glamrockbonny is this good shadowing

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2022.01.17 16:19 elbowe51317 What is something actually positive that is going on with you or the world right now?

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2022.01.17 16:19 alper Xi warns of threats to global recovery

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2022.01.17 16:19 Double-Art-3487 XFI - Alison

Spanish HYPERPOP! :o
enjoy <3
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2022.01.17 16:19 Tredur It’s just ramen until it’s not.

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2022.01.17 16:19 Open-Demand-7010 Help

Should I buy The Forge effect for jorm or save for something else?
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2022.01.17 16:19 kbr2214 Lost Glitches - Choose your play style

The game consists of five syndicates. Each syndicate is fundamentally different from the other. When a player selects a syndicate, they choose a specific play type that best suits their style. Specific creature abilities and character spells are found more often in one syndicate than the other, making that play style clearer.
Adamant Hands (trojan) A syndicate of glitches whose roots are of modern urbanism, network theory and decentralisation. Adamant Hands perceive Deep Sky as the amalgamation of cellular clusters of intertwined and highly functional enclaves. Their glitches start as solo fighters that gradually form ghettos who can take full advantage of the infrastructure networks of Deep Sky. Adamant Hands has a new vision of a gigacity, dense and systemic without segregation and borders.
Adamant Hand’s playing style is inspired by trojan viruses. Their attacks are stealthy and deal burst damage. Adamant Hands are strong in mid-game where the delayed damage of their trojan attacks and sacrifice takes effect.
Curators Maxima (DDoS) A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to shamans, hunting, tribalism and ecological management. Curators Maxima fetch glitches from the battleground and introduce a sophisticated system of resources management and sacrifice to introduce sustainability in the Deep Sky. They are fighting to expand their sphere of influence and preserve the ancient memories and traditions they accumulated in the real world on the Deep Sky Grid.
Curators Maxima’s playing style is inspired by DDoS attacks and worm viruses. They are strong in numbers and can spawn multiple glitches in one round. Curators Maxima are great in early game, able to take an opponent in a few rounds.
Sentinels of Eternity (cybersecurity) A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to samurais, the bushido code and reincarnation. Sentinels of Eternity regard themselves reborn in the Deep Sky and not glitched. Their warriors are loyal to a practical and spiritual guide, having constant awareness of death and preparation for sacrifice to fulfil their calling. Their efforts to expand their sphere of influence on Deep Sky aim to achieve a transcendent state of freedom, serving the master who is the collective self.
Sentinels of Eternity have a defensive playing style, inspired by cybersecurity techniques. They can cast firewalls and sinkholes early on, staying protected while they gather mana to cast their own strong creatures. Sentinels of Eternity are great in long game sessions, able to deplete an opponent’s resources until they cast an unstoppable attack.
Song of the Chain (ransomware) A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to mysticism, the occult and esotericism. Song of the chain glitches perceive themselves freed of social norms, beliefs and restrictions of the real world. Deep Sky provides the foundation for those glitches to bypass their false desires and habits and genuinely accomplish what they were meant to accomplish without expectations and motivation. Song of the Chain aim to abolish all other syndicates from Deep Sky, rejecting the existence of absolutes and establishing chaos as an agnostic attitude to achieve true will.
Song of the Chain has a passive-aggressive playing style, inspired by ransomware. Their opponent is faced with dilemmas to choose between two evils (e.g. lose a life or discard a card, sacrifice a creature or lose one mana). Song of the Chain has a weak early game attack, but if played right can accumulate to some serious damage quite fast.
Guardians of the Source (phreaks) A syndicate of glitches whose roots go back to omniscience, tantric spiritualism, karma and systemic meditation. Guardians of the Source are pleasant when silent but are forced to awaken their most legendary and fierce glitches to protect the supreme entity, which is the networks of the Deep Sky. Through collective awareness, these glitches initially aim to stabilize the grid of the Deep Sky before revealing its true nature. Guardians of the Source recognise that everything is impermanent and that the competing syndicates disrupt the ultimate existence of an ever-changing essence.
Guardians of the Source have a defensive playing style, which uses the opponent’s power to their disadvantage, inspired by telecommunications hacking (phreaking) of the 1960s – 1970s. They are terrific in mid-game play, while they deplete and abuse the opponent’s resources from early on.
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2022.01.17 16:19 abdultraders Why Can LED Advertising And Signage Be Profitable For Your Business?

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2022.01.17 16:19 Dry_Grape_9283 Enhypen have really pretty music

I’m not an Engene, in fact, I’m active in Teume (YG’s Treasure) sub-reddits😅. But Polaroid Love was all over my timeline this whole week and I had to dive into their discography a bit.
I was really surprised to find that they have really good music. Upper Side Dreamin, Given Taken, Go Big or Go Home, Drunk Dazed, FEVER, Not For Sale all come to mind. But Polaroid Love might be a career’s high. It’s even rising on Melon Daily (it rose up like 400 spots in 2 days).
So yes, that’s all. I just wanted to make an appreciation post here as I’m not really popular on Twitter so nobody will actually see it >_<
Does anybody know if they’ll promote Polaroid Love in music shows/give it a MV? So I can stay tuned.
And also, PL > Fever
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2022.01.17 16:19 CJGIBBSx2007 First car (4K budget) UK

Hi guys looking for a first car that is reliable and can be modified in the future.if it can I would like it to be from the JDM category.
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2022.01.17 16:19 Sad_Negotiation390 Ok this is just depressing…(my Award btw)

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2022.01.17 16:19 karn31314646 Great

Great deal..
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2022.01.17 16:19 Allthewayig NEED ADVICE

Hi guys so I have a question. I've already made my flashcards for my sciences and I'll be revising actively from them for my mocks and real exams. And I also want to do practise questions from physics and maths tutors.
This might seem like a silly question but, shall I do all the questions on pmt for the 3 sciences or no? And also do you think I should print all the questions out, or will it be just as efficient writing my answers on a blank paper and marking from that? And
also for anyone who's already done there gcses and had achieved a high grade: how long did the process of revising the science content, then doing exam questions take in total before your real exams? (I'm trying to figure out when I should start proper revision)
Thanksssss x
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2022.01.17 16:19 alper KPMG partner said he was unaware of alleged forgery of Carillion audit documents

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2022.01.17 16:19 iTolsonOnTwitch If you seriously want to improve, heavily consider using aram as an incredible tool to focus on improving certain aspects of your game.

I was essentially a ranked and friends group draft player for years. I thought aram was a pretty boring waste of time, and I would pretty much always just play summoner's rift because playing the game felt like the obvious best way to improve.
However, last season I decided to focus entirely on improving everything minor thing I could, and then thought to try something specific in aram. Namely, I wanted to practice locking my camera in skirmishes / teamfights as many top adc players do. It allows faster reactions through less mouse movement and felt incredibly awkward to me. However, by forcing myself to do it in the fast paced games of aram - it became very quickly much easier. Before I knew it, the practice became second nature.
It worked so well that I decided to try something that - as a top laner - was always struggling with as adc. Using QSS and/or Cleanse. There were ranked games I knew I should take cleanse but knew I would use it so poorly that I just couldn't justify it.
So once again, I would try to get an adc every aram I could and just take cleanse or build qss. At first I would still always forget to use it, then after 1-2 games, I would always remember to press it - even if it weren't at the best times. Several games later, getting better and better. Within 15 arams - I felt confident taking it in actual games. For context, I had genuinely been trying to work on it for a long time in ranked - but because of being relatively rarely the best - I did not get the consistency or frequency to genuinely improve very quickly.
The last thing I want to add is that in aram, it is genuinely hard to fall behind enough to not be able to do much. In summoner's rift, if you are trying to practice a certain role, mechanic, build, etc - you will often die early on / just fall behind somehow. In those games you can often spend 25+ minutes just trying to find a way to do something.
Obviously if you are trying to practice a super specific champ, it can be difficult. However - I do find that I get 1-3 champs that I am looking for very often. Otherwise, I would honestly recommend starting an aram only account and buying the specific champions you most want to practice.
I believe that in many (not all) cases, aram is analogous to "drills" in traditional sports. Rather than the "scrimmages" that summoner's rift games are - these aram drills let you practice specific parts of your gameplay with a much higher consistency and frequency that lets you improve very quickly.
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2022.01.17 16:19 MustBeTheMusic80 I really wish the judge would've let Donald Morrison ask him a question

I felt kind of bad for Morrison that the judge wouldn't let him ask the judge a question, it made me wonder what did Morrison want to ask the judge.
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2022.01.17 16:19 lazarfan235 hi Alexa:

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