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The main objective to write an article is to make some changes to the world by presenting facts, stats, or views. Well, there are so many objectives of Article Writing on various topics like society, persons, locations, rising-issues, and technical developments. The resources include the latest Good Publication Practice for Communicating Company-Sponsored Medical Research: GPP3 Guidelines and the Joint Statement (PDF) from AMWA, EMWA and ISMPP on the important role of professional medical writers. General guidance on scientific writing Background: The role of evidence-based medicine in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery is rapidly growing. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are also proliferating in the medical literature. Purpose: To provide the outline necessary for a practitioner to properly understand and/or conduct a systematic review for publication in a sports medicine journal. You should also check out “So You Want to Write an Article?” to learn about common pitfalls we see in submissions and how you can avoid them. What we publish. We publish articles of anywhere between 600–2,500 words, depending on subject complexity. 1,500 words is about average. Articles often run with a custom illustration. To find out more about writing for each publication, click Contributors Guidelines above. The Upper Room. The Upper Room magazine’s mission is to provide a model of practical Christianity, accessible in varied formats, to help people feel invited and welcomed into God’s presence. The magazine's content is 100% curated from writers like you. Record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions in a format you can include in job and funding applications (without breaking reviewer anonymity).

2022.01.17 16:40 sarca-sim The Write Order - "Free" publication for writers

Paying to get published in a book is a huge scam obviously, but I wanted to share about a particular group in India that claims to be publish writers for 'free' but honestly is just as much as a scam. I recently found this sub and would like to share.
As a young writer, I really thought Write Order's free anthology books are a good way of getting featured. Here is how their process goes:

Now after some reasearch which I stupidly did after I submitted my poems:
Basically, for a volume that might cost them ₹200 to print, they sell it for ₹500 with an additional certificate of ₹200. They scam the writers by making them pay to have a book they contributed in but still try to play it fair by saying they are not charging them for any publication, when the publication isn't even noteworthy. Literally NOBODY will buy the anthologies and they know it- why would someone honestly? So they scam the writers this way, which is literally so shitty cause most of the young writers are naive and think this is good exposure because they lack the experience to understand this. I thankfully researched soon enough to pull out of it as soon as possible.
Here is their Instagram links:
The Write Order-
The Write Order Anthologies-
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2022.01.17 16:40 ProperBlacksmith I got called

I got called by a number for additional information it's a french number
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2022.01.17 16:40 charmin1870 Title - Meghan Trainor - Lyrics [22]

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2022.01.17 16:40 vanlife3000 "mRNA Changes DNA? Experts Clash With Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla" A second perspective.

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2022.01.17 16:40 abstract_void_bot I want to have a list of lists. I'm trying to do it: for i in enumerate(list): if i % 2 == 0: return list I've tried the list method but it doesn't work

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2022.01.17 16:40 Royal_Needleworker79 My project car. The d15 shit the bed in march, decided i would build a high comp b16 to toss in. First start was last week. Need to work out some small kinks and clean it up

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2022.01.17 16:40 Cosmic-VoidYT CrusadeCraft invite!

This is an invitation to CrusadeCraft,a bedrock origins mod realm co-owned by me and owned by my friend. We just want a friendly community to join us,this realm was created today so enjoy a completely new world!! If you’re interested please DM me for the discord code. We hope to see you soon :))
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2022.01.17 16:40 Jazzlike-Bandicoot-3 Tips/tricks for scent work.

I have an 8 month old malinois mix who is very scent driven on walks. I’m looking for some ideas on how to do scent work with him! He knows find it but can really only “find stuff” that’s not hidden 😂
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2022.01.17 16:40 Frankystein3 We're going mainstream!

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2022.01.17 16:40 sunflower_1970 Not sure if anybody can tell me if I had encephalomalacia in my brain or not on here. Looking for input. CT scan suggested it, but first MRI didn't say it. Second MRI mentioned FLAIR hyperintensities, but I'm not sure if it's related to the "encephalomalacia" suggested in the CT scan prior.

In June 2020, I quit my 30mg dosage of Lexapro, that I had taken since 2016, cold turkey, due to a few things.

  1. I was constantly anxious and OCD, and Lexapro wasn't helping at all. I probably had built up a very strong tolerance to it.
  2. My APRN prescriber (not my primary care doctor or a psychiatrist) was a hassle to deal with and not a very nice person. She was a good person to deal with at first, but later on became less interested in me, and seemed indifferent to my declining mental state. She also upped my dosage of Lexapro to 30mg over time, for reasons I cannot remember. In 2020, just before the cold turkey, I had suggested to her that I possibly switch to another medication, as I thought Lexapro wasn't working anymore, and she refused to change me to something else.
  3. The APRN moved to Texas in 2015. She never suggested seeing somebody locally after they moved. They are not licensed in Texas, only RI, CT, and WA. Texas law says they need to work with a physician to practice psych med management, but they are not licensed in Texas, they only live there, so I'm not sure legally what they are required to do. I live in Rhode Island, and I could only get a refill through telehealth webcam visits, and my webcam didn't work for the session in June, meaning they refused to give me a refill, and didn't suggest other ways to get one.
I started taking over the counter 5-HTP as a replacement for the Lexapro, but it had no effect either. Nothing was helping my anxiety at all last year. It came to a head in late September 2020, after being at the ER for an intense panic attack that spanned 3 days, until I was able to cool down at the ER. A mental health social worker had been to my house during the breakdown, but referred me to a mental health facility that wasn't taking any new patients, rendering that service useless, in a time when I was having an intense breakdown of emotions. The last time this had happened was in 2012, which led to my OCD/Anxiety diagnosis.
I re-contacted the APRN, as they were a person who knew my case, as I had seen them for 6 years by then, and were able to see me very soon after this breakdown, and she put back on Lexapro, but at a 10mg dosage this time, instead of 30mg. They didn't seem concerned about me quitting 30mg cold turkey, the fact that I had quit in general so harshly, the fact that EMTs/Police had been to the house because of my breakdown, no real concern. She also did not want me to run any health tests before putting me back on medication, nor did she ask if I was taking any supplements or other medications.
About 2 to 3 weeks into this reinstatement, I remember feeling a very heavy, dull, numb-like feeling in my head that built up over a few days, mainly at the top of my head, but it felt like it was inside my brain too. I began having jaw stiffness during the day (Not really bruxism, because it wasn't clenching, my jaw would just sort of jut out unconsciously), and then I started getting acute and severe health symptoms one on top of another. I had to stop taking Lexapro again due to these problems, as I thought at the time the reinstatement was causing this. I have not been on Lexapro, or any psych med in general, since mid-October 2020. The symptoms I can recall having occur suddenly from mid October 2020 to now are;
  1. Brain fog
  2. Memory loss
  3. Throbbing headaches
  4. Muscle twitching (Used to be very intense, mainly in my legs and stomach, but now it's small little twitching in my hands, face, and feet, sometimes)
  5. Bad cough
  6. Dry mouth (Only in times when I was anxious, though)
  7. Extremely dry, throbbing lips (Not sure if anxiety caused this, but for about 4 days my lips were in intense pain while that happened),
  8. Extreme fatigue
  9. Watery mucus
  10. Dry sinuses
  11. Nerve and muscle problems (Mainly in the left side of my face, neck, chest, genitals, and seldom in my left foot, in the sole area. My neck feels painful and stiff a lot on the left side, I would get quick, almost zap-like chest pains on both sides of my chest a few months ago, but now it's only on the left side, my face on the left side will sometimes feel tingly, burning, or weak, or numb, my genitals only hurt in the left testicle and on the left side of my penis when I move it a certain way. The right side of my leg feels weak at times too. My left foot would have a burning feeling sometimes)
  12. An intense bout of facial warmness (One day my entire face felt like it was on fire, I had an ice pack on it all night)
  13. Ear ringing (Either side multiple times a day)
  14. Nausea
  15. Pale lips
  16. An iron deficiency
  17. Numb emotions and numb libido
  18. Breathing problems (Sometimes I have to manually breathe instead of automatically, and my breathing can get labored and shallow)
  19. Blood in my mucus/phlegm
Some of these symptoms have improved (Ear ringing is basically gone now, sometimes happens but not as badly, same with the bad cough), and some haven't (Brain fog, memory loss, numb emotions/libido, and nerve/muscle problems are a constant that rarely improves).
Over a year later, I am still not really sure what caused this. Some have suggested it is long COVID, some have said that the Lexapro reinstatement might have caused a "kindling" adverse effect in my brain/nervous system, similar to neurotoxicity, since I had gone off 30mg cold turkey which made my brain over-sensitive to the medication the second time around, and some suggest it's intense stress. It could be a mix of things.
My brain CT scan in January 2021, about 3 months after this started, said "There is mild volume loss for age, more so on the right. There may be a small area of anterolateral right frontal encephalomalacia." and "Mucosal thickening is seen inferiorly in the right frontal sinus as well as throughout right ethmoid air cells. The right sphenoid sinus is partially opacified. Mild mucosal thickening is seen in the left sphenoid sinus.". Everything else in the CT scan was normal.
My first brain MRI, done in February 2021, said "Partially empty sella turcica with mild CSF prominence at the optic nerves bilaterally, can be seen in the setting of idiopathic intracranial hypertension." and besides that, was normal. No mention of encephalomalacia, sinus issues, or volume loss whatsoever.
My second brain MRI, done in November 2021, said the same as the MRI above, but now also said "Scattered FLAIR hyperintensities nonspecific but most commonly related to chronic microvascular changes.". Again, no mention of encephalomalacia, sinus issues, or volume loss whatsoever.
X-rays done by a chiropractor of my lower back and neck done in November 2021 show a tilted pelvis, and issues with the vertebrae in my neck. Can't remember specifics, need to find the results they mailed me again.
My blood work has also been consistently been somewhat off, with high platelet levels, anisocytosis, low MCH, high WBC levels, high RBC, high monocytes count, high neutrophils count, high lymphocytes count, high atypical lymphocytes, high ANC, high RDW-CV, high glucose, and low iron levels showing up repeatedly in blood work done from November 2020 to October 2021. I also have giant platelets.
I am wondering if the people on here can offer any advice. It's been awful at times dealing with these issues, and not knowing why it happened, and why it's not going fully away, for over a year, is so frustrating. If people here have any questions, please feel free to ask. The most helpful person I've seen IRL was my hematologist, who believes me, but thinks it is some sort of infection/inflammation issue going on, as opposed to an SSRI-related health incident.
I never had a positive PCR or antibody test, but it took me over half a year to get those tests done. I had a PCR test in June 2021 after feeling extremely sick the day before, came back negative, and an antibody test done in October 2021, a year after this started, was negative as well.
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2022.01.17 16:40 m1l4n94 Honeywell HPA100 Small Air Purifier - In-depth Review (2022)

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2022.01.17 16:40 DegenerateTrash_ [WTS] Aero M4E1 Upper, Atlas R-One 15” Handguard, NEW BA Hanson 16” Black Series w/ gas tube and block, Surefire Procomp (CA)
Selling as complete set for $400. Not parting out at this time. Comes with
Aero M4e1 Upper
Aero Atlas R-one 15” Mlok handguard
Ballistic Advantage Hanson 16” Barrel. Black Series. 223 Wylde. Comes with gas block and gas tube. 0 rounds. Only taken out of packaging. barrel product link for specs
Surefire Procomp
What do I need to complete this upper?? Answer- Charging Handle, BCG, gas tube roll pin and crush washer. you can get the roll pin and crush washer for free from Project GAFS bro.
PayPal f&f preferred.
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2022.01.17 16:40 iccaecumsa ⭐ PrinceFloki | Just Launched | 7% $Floki rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

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2022.01.17 16:40 crytoloover What is MBOX crypto

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2022.01.17 16:40 rennat19 Thoughts on moving for both turner and Marcus Morris?

Clippers pretty much said everyone other then kawhi PG and Mann are on the block.
What if we moved Malik and a pick for Morris and then trade prince/ bolomaro (or naz) with a pick or 2 for turner?
I know giving up potentially 3 picks is a lot but or defense would be top 5 in the league I’d imagine and we would keep our spacing
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2022.01.17 16:40 Knighthonor how will games with Movement be played with haptic gloves? What about other actions as well?

Haptic gloves seem to be the new technological hype we see in the media lately following CES.
But how will games with movement be played with Haptic Gloves in VR without things like VR treadmills?
when I first saw some of these gloves, I thought about how buttons and analog sticks will all be gone. But how will the actions that these buttons usually handle, will be replaced with the Haptic Gloves?
Games like Hand Simulation could work, but isnt that like a small minority of VR applications? Maybe a on rail shooter and stationary games. But even that has its limits.
For example, a game with multiple different magic attacks, or a large weapon swap catalog. usually the buttons bring up menus ect. How will all of this be replaced with the no button Haptic Gloves?
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2022.01.17 16:40 badkarma5500 Free plans on XBOX

I dumped plans and magazines in the green suitcase at Morgantown Train station, first come first served. Call sign BadKarma 55940
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